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Will I qualify if I am working?

Yes, as long as you are retired, receiving Social Security, and your income does not exceed our income limit.

What medical costs are covered? 

All medical expenses including dental, vision, and hearing are taken into consideration when determining your benefit amount.

What if I own a home?

If there is equity in the home, that must be spent first once the house is sold, before you can receive any benefits. If a house is your only asset, you are eligible to receive benefits until it is sold.

Must I be an Episcopalian? 

Yes, you must be an Episcopalian in good standing with a history of involvement in an Episcopal church in the Southwest, Southeast, or Central Diocese of Florida.We ask for a letter of recommendation from your church.

What if I am under 62 years old but cannot work?

If you are under 62 and receiving disability benefits from the government, you are eligible to receive benefits.

Is the benefit indefinite? 

Yes, but it must be renewed at the beginning of each year.

As long as your financial circumstances have not changed,

it will continue (subject to the availability of funds).

Does life insurance count as an asset?

Yes, if the cash value and/or death benefit is higher than our asset limit it may be necessary to cash it out or to make arrangements for the BGR Fdn. to be reimbursed from the death benefit.This is decided on a case-by-case basis.

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